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By the Sea Tour
Mgarr ix-Xini, Kantra Bay and Ta' Cenc Cliffs as you've never seen them before!...
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This is by far our grandest and best-selling tour, where we'll be passing through one of the most scenic routes of Gozo, right on the edge of the northern coast, and visiting lots of interesting and picturesque landmarks.

We depart from Marsalforn (near Calypso Hotel) and glide all along the coastline of this popular tourist resort to Qbajjar bay, before reaching one of Gozo’s top landmarks – the Salt Pans in Xwejni Bay

Gliding along on our Segways, with the fresh sea breeze hitting our faces, we pass by local reel fisherman trying their luck fishing for tuna, amberjack, or local delicacy 'lampuki' (depending on the season) and before we know it we soon arrive to Wied l-Ghasri.

Here we can take time to walk down to this beautiful bay and have a relaxing break... and why not freshen up in the crystalline sea! If you would like to avail yourself of this option, kindly notify us when booking , so we can allow more time for your tour. Please note that an extra 30 minutes will be allowed for this detour, costing an additional Euro 5p.p. ... Don’t forget your swim suits!

Proceeding on with our journey, we will soon arrive to Wied il-Mielah.  After a short stop for a refreshing stroll down the stairs to see the natural stone window down by the sea, we hop on our Segways once again and peacefully glide to the famous Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary.

After a short visit to this Sanctuary, we commence our journey back, passing through the small village of Ghasri before reaching the base of Ta’ Gurdan lighthouse.

An optional diversion (not included – please ask tour leader) up the steep but lovely passage leading to the lighthouse will provide you with a stunning 360degree panorama view of the whole island.

For the final leg of our tour we pass beneath the hillside village of Zebbug and continue downhill through the picturesque valley known as 'Wied l-infern', before returning to Marsalforn Bay.

Tour Main Points

  • Marsalforn

    Marsalforn lies between the hill-top town of Xaghra and Zebbug and is the most popular tourist summer resort on the island, packed with hotels, bars, good restaurants and pretty beaches.

  • Salt Pans

    Situated on the north coast of Gozo, this place is characterised by chequered rock-cut saltpans protruding into the sea. These 350 year old salt pans, which stretch about 3km along the coast, are one of the most photographed places in Gozo. Sea salt production is one of the oldest local traditions, passed down within many generations.

  • Wied l-Ghasri

    Voted one of the top three bays in Gozo, this place is very popular with divers who like to explore the surrounding underwater caves, and the narrow and secluded bay is also a haven for those who seek a quiet bathing area.

  • Wied il-Mielah

    Wied il-Mielah valley is rich in flora and in fact the way down is like a botanical display of vegetation, typical to the Mediterranean. Yellow rather than green is the primary colour here, especially from late autumn to spring, when many fields bloom with the small yellow flower of the Cape Sorrel.

  • Ta' Pinu Sanctuary

    Built in 1920, this architectural masterpiece sits in front of the original much older chapel. This small chapel remains intact behind the altar and still contains the painting of the Assuption to Heaven of Our Lady - which is said to have miraculously appeared to Karmni Grima in 1883, rapidly becoming a centre of pilgrimage. The number of visitors soon overwhelmed the little church, which led to the construction of the Sanctuary we see today.

  • Ta' Gurdan lighthouse

    Rising 161meters above sea level, this lighthouse was constructed in 1851 under British rule. It was built to meet the needs of the ever-increasing maritime traffic in the area. Despite improved maritime navigation technology, it still continues to function till this day.

Optional Route - Marsalforn Valleys (Deep Blue Tour)

Start/Finish: Marsalforn Bay (In front of Hotel Calypso)

Marsalforn is the most popular tourist resort in Gozo, nestled between the hill-top towns of Xaghra and Zebbug. The lush, evergreen valley that leads all the way to the bay is one of the most beautiful, unspoilt spots on the island. Amongst the fertile fields in this valley one can find a labyrinth of passages, crisscrossing from the popular Salt Pans to the capital Victoria and all the way up to Xaghra.

Gozo Segway Tours have come up with a tour of exploration in this beautiful valley and it’s quickly becoming one the best selling tours on the market! The tour departs any day from central Marsalforn, and is a must for anyone wanting to explore more of Gozo’s hidden beauties!

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Tour Details

Time required:
about 3hours
Marsalforn, near Calypso Hotel
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Time required:
about 2hours

Marsalforn Bay (In front of Hotel Calypso)
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